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Statement from FDA Deputy Commissioner Crawford
Regarding Metabolife


For Consumers, Popular Dietary Supplement Ephedra Confirmed Safe and Effective for Weight Loss

Weight-loss Drug, Lipokinetix, May be Connected to Hepatitis Cases

American Kidney Fund Cautions Against Unwarranted Use of Cipro

Health Professional:
STAAR Surgical Recalls Intraocular Lens Product

Health Professional:
Safety Labeling Changes for Cordarone IV Use in Neonatal and Infant Pediatric Patients

Pfizer Recalls Fastmelt Benadryl Products to Correct Labeling Error (6/1/01)

Health Professional:
Serono Issues Information on New Counterfeit Serostim® Lot (AIDS Drug)

Counterfeit Growth Drug Nutropin AQ May Pose Serious Health Risk (5/22/01)

FDA Advisory Regarding the Safety of Sporanox® Products and Lamisil® Tablets (5/14/01)

Health Professional:
Neupogen Counterfeit Alert 

Health Professional:
Diprivan (propofol) Safety Information (4/26/01)

FDA Warns Consumers to Discontinue Use of Botanical Products That Contain Aristolochic Acid (4/12/01)

Health Professional:
Immucor Recalls Several Lots of Reagent Blood Cells (4/4/01)

Health Professional:
Raplon® Voluntarily Withdrawn (3/30/01)

Health Professional:
Mislabeled Cancer Drug Recalled (3/29/01)

Health Professional:
Voluntary Recall of Rabies Vaccine, RabAvert (3/29/01)

Health Professional:
System TLC 4 oz Mouth Rinse Recall Expanded

Health Professional:
Bindley Western Drug Company Recalls 1 Lot of Hepatitis B Vaccine

Health Professional:
Abbott Recalls HIV p24 Antigen Test Kit

Health Professional:
Hormodendrum Cladosporioides Allergenic Extract Recalled

Health Professional:
Phyne Pharmaceuticals Is Not Recalling Adrenal Cortex Extract; Product Remains A Concern To FDA

Health Professional:
FDA Re-iterates Urgent Recall of Injectable Drugs

Health Professional:
Serono Statement Regarding Counterfeit Serostim®

Health Professional:
ADCON® Recalled Worldwide (1/22/01)

Health Professional:
FDA Issues Warning on Gynecological Device

Health Professional:
FDA/Bristol Meyers Squibb Issues Caution for HIV Combination Therapy Affecting Pregnant Women (1/5/01)

Health Professional:

FDA Issues Safety Alert On Stolen, Unapproved Treatment for HIV/AIDS (12/22/2000)

Sulzer Medica Recalls Inter-Op(TM) Hip Shells (12/11/2000)

FDA Warns Against Consuming Dietary Supplements Containing Tiratricol

Mumps Skin Test Antigen Recalled (11/17/2000)

FDA Issues Public Health Warning on Phenylpropanolamine (PPA)  (11/06/00)

Medicine Shoppe Recalls Urokinase (10/30/2000)

Update of Advisory for Several Lots of Norplant Contraceptive Kits (10/15/2000)

Sterile Talc Powder Used by Hospitals Recalled (10/8/2000)

Health Canada Warns Miralex Cream Contains Undeclared Steroid

AstraZeneca Warns of  Serious Adverse Effects During Off-Label Use of Streptase

3 People Hospitalized After Taking Dietary Supplements

FDA Seeks Permanent Injunction Against Marketing of BeneFin, SkinAnswer and MGN-3

Letter To HealthCare Proffesionals Announce the Withdrawal of RAXAR

Over The Counter Drugs Containing Colloidal Silver Considered Unsafe, Misleading

Mercury & Thimerosol Vaccine Preservative

Infant Vaccines Containing Thimerosal May Exceed Federal Thresholds for Mercury Levels

CDC Recommends Postponement of Rotavirus Vaccine Due to Bowel Obstruction Among Some Infants

Sleep Aids Containing GBL Associated with at Least 3 Deaths

FDA has Additional Concerns of Manufacturing Deficiencies for Urokinase (Abbokinase)

Janssen Pharmaceutica Voluntarily Withdrawing Antihistamine, Hismanal

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