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May 2003 Product Warnings

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Product Recalls
Food Recalls

Drugs and Medicine
Auto and Equipment

General Products
Conceptual Marketing & Development Has Recalled Weed Cutting Attachment Blades -  May 29

Recall Update: Central Sprinkler Company To Replace O-Ring Fire Sprinklers -  May 28
Starbucks Coffee Has Recall of Children's Tumbler Cups -  May 28
International Playthings Has Recalled Toy Vehicles -  May 22
Monarch Velo, doing business as Catlike Has Recalled Bike Helmets -  May 22
Lane Furniture Has Recalled High-Leg Recliner Chairs -  May 22
Sea Gull Lighting Has Recalled Ceiling Light Fixtures-  May 22
United General Supply Has Recalled Extension Cords -  May 22
The Step2 Company Has Recalled Toy Drumsticks -  May 22
Swimways Has Recalled Pool Dive Sticks -  May 19
Homelite Has Recalled Chainsaws -  May 8
Wal-Mart Has Recalled Fabric Lanterns -  May 8
Amen Wardy Home Has Recalled Multi-purpose Lighters Shaped Like Matchsticks -  May 8
Baby's Dream Furniture Has Recalled Cribs -  May 8

Food Items
California Firm Has Recalled Chicken Products -  May 29

Shaw's Supermarkets Has Recalled Chocolate Grahams -  May 28
Florida Citrus Juice Company Has Recalled 100% Fresh Lime Juice and 100% Fresh Lemon Juice -  May 28
AvoCo International Has Recalled Western Guacamole -  May 28
Ashdon Farms Has Recalled Ashdon Farms and Girl Scouts Chocolate Covered Raisins -  May 28
Hasbro Has Recalled Easy Bake "N Design Cookie -  May 28
Schratter Foods Has Recalled Ricotta Salata -  May 28
Recall Update: Cranberry Sweets Candy products Recall is Complete -  May 28
Recall Update: Sau-Sea Foods Recall is Complete -  May 28
Recall Update: Sunny Lake Trading Winter Melon Candy Recall is Complete -  May 28
Calders Dairy Has Recalled pints of Half and Half -  May 27
Wegmans Food Market Has Recalled Graham Crackers -  May 22
Carriage House Has Recalled Food Club brand Tartar Sauce -  May 21
Hope African Food Has Recalled Catfish -  May 21
Lakeview Farms Has Recalled Guacamole Dip -  May 21
Recall Update: La Mexican Enterprises "Botana Fiesta" Recall is Complete -  May 21
Recall Update: Best Foods Rose brand Raison Golden Recall is Complete -  May 21
Recall Update: Mon Chong Loong Chinese Herb Soup Recall is Complete -  May 21
Recall Update: H. P. Hood Market Basket brand Brownie Fudge Ice Cream Recall is Complete -  May 21
Recall Update: J & D Fine Foods Fancy Candy Platter Recall is Complete -  May 21
Recall Update: Swiss American Importing Havarti cheese Recall is Complete -  May 21
Fresh Express Has Recalled Hearts of Romaine-  May 21
BCN Trading Has Recalled Asian Boy Brand Sweet Lotus Candy -  May 20
Kansas Firm Has Recalled Beef Frankfurters -  May 18
Recall Update: La Mexicana Enterprises BOTANAS Mexico's Best Snacks brand "BOTANA DE FIESTA" Recall is Complete -  May 14
Recall Update: Blue and White Food Products Sabra Salads brand Lox Spread Recall is Complete -  May 14
Recall Update: Dominguez Family Enterprises Mexican pastries: Ojos Recall is Complete -  May 14
Recall Update: Dominguez Family Enterprises Recall is Complete -  May 14
Price Chopper Has Recalled its bakery 4-pack Carrot Muffins -  May 13
Leonard Novelty Bakery Has Recalled No Cholestrol Assorted 16-oz. packed cookies -  May 10
Hannaford Bros. Has Recalled Hannaford Blueberry Muffin Mix -  May 10
Gar Shing Has Recalled 5.7-oz. packages of Choco Chips Cookies -  May 9
Frostbite Brands Has Recalled Ice Cream Sandwiches -  May 8
Illinois Firm Has Recalled Chicken Salad - May 6

Vitamins, Drugs and Medicines
Alpharma Purepac Has Recalled Bisoprolol Fumarate and Hydrochlorothiazide Tablets -  May 28
Abbott Laboratories Has Recalled Erythromycin -  May 28
Medtronic Has Recalled Lioresal Intrathecal Refill Kits -  May 28
High Chemical Has Recalled Sarapin Injection -  May 28
Tai Chien Has Recalled Ancom Tablets -  May 28
Albers Medical Distributors Has Recalled Lipitor -  May 26

Watson Diagnostics Has Recalled Nicotine Polacrilex Gum -  May 21
Forest Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Levothroid Tablets -  May 21
Abbott Laboratories Has Recalled Various Drugs -  May 21
King Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Levoxyl Tablets -  May 21
Purdue Frederic Has Recalled Senokot-S Tablets -  May 21
Olympic Pharmacy & Healthcare Has Recalled Liquid Oxygen -  May 21
Leiner Health Has Recalled Fiber Drugs -  May 21
Teva Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Enalapril Maleate Tablets -  May 21
Watson Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Methocarbamol Tablets -  May 21
Recall Update: Protec Laboratory Pro Pam, Liquid, Pinworm Treatment Recall is Complete -  May 21
Recall Update: Vita-Erb Bite Out, cream hydrocortisone Recall is Complete -  May 21
Recall Update: Hammer Medical Supply Oxygen Recall is Complete -  May 21
Recall Update: IRON-TEK Advanced Nutrition THERMO-TEK Capsules Recall is Complete -  May 21
Recall Update: American Supplement Technologies Trimethylglycine-Homocystine Manager Recall is Complete -  May 14

Auto and Equipment
Ford Has Recalled Trucks -  May 26
Toyota Has Recalled the 2001-2003 Toyota TACOMA -  May 22
Toyota Has Recalled the 2003 Toyota 4 Runner -  May 16
Nissan Has Recalled the 1994-1995 Altima -  May 16
Kia Motors Has Recalled the 2002 Kia Sedona -  May 16
Kawasaki Has Recalled the 2001 BN 125-A4 and the 2002 BN 125-A5 -  May 16
Indian Motorcycle Has Recalled the 2002-2003 Indian Scout and Indian Spirit -  May 16
Ford Has Recalled the 1999-2000 Lincoln Continental -  May 16
Ford Has Recalled the 2003 Lincoln LS -  May 16
Ferrari Has Recalled the 1995 512M, 1991-1995 512TR and Testarossa 1987-1991 -  May 16
BMW Has Recalled the 2003 325i, 325Ci and M3 -  May 16
Firestone Has Recalled the STEELTEX A/T LT235/75R15 -  May 12
Infiniti Has Recalled the 2003 FX35 and FX45 -  May 8
Indian Has Recalled the 2002-2003 Chief and Vintage Chief -  May 8
GM Has Recalled SUVs, Vans and Trucks - May 1
KIA Has Recalled the 2003 SEDONA - May 1


The information contained herein has been obtained from sources that the Company believes to be reliable, however, the Company has not independently verified or confirmed the information and the recipient acknowledges that no representations or warranties are being made in connection with the use of the information.