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September 2000 Product Warnings

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Product Recalls
Food Recalls
Drugs and Medicine
Auto and Equipment

General Products Recall top
Rainbow Play Systems Inc. Recalls Play Sets

Trek Bicycle Corp. Recalls Road Bikes and Handlebar Stems

Halpern Import Co. Recalls Cigarette Lighters

Emergency Eye Wash and Eye/Face/Body Wash Recalled

BRK Recalls 600,000 First Alert® Fire Extinguishers

Injuries Prompt Recall of Mountain Bikes Sold at Target Stores

Tiny Love Super Car-Bar Recalled

BIC Corporation Clarifies Recall Information

Playskool's Klackeroo Toy Recalled

Disposable 'Bic' Lighters Recalled

Pottery Barn Kids Recalls Stinson Bunk Beds

API Outdoors Recalls Hunting Treestands and Treeseats

Freightliner Advises of Brake System Recall

Food Items  Recall top
California Firm Recalls Frankfurters

Minnesota Firm Recalls Chicken Salad

Nature’s Wonderland Virginia Cut Snake Root and Snake Root Capsules Recalled

Ahi Tuna Loins Recalled

CTF and Asian Boy Brand Pickled Eggplant Recalled - Allergy

Lay's Brand Classic Potato Chips Recalled - Allergy

Doritos Toasted Corn Chips Recalled - Allergy

Hazer Baba Genuine Turkish Delight Recalled - Allergy

Kraft Recalls All Taco Bell Home Originals Taco Shell Products

Allergy Alert: Pillsbury Bread Recall - Allergy

Mrs. Crockett's Kitchens Recalls Numerous Potato Salad Products

"Best Made Sandwich" Products Recalled

Fish Sausage Recalled in New York

Fortuner's Recalls Sweet Candy - Allergy

Landshire Turkey & Cheese Roll Sandwiches Recalled

Gourmet Pacific Brand Tuna Recalled

Darigold and Sparkle Brand Ice Creams Recalled

Charley's Brand Spring Rolls - Hot & Spicy Chicken Flavor Recalled - Allergy

Golden State,  Luzzatti and Wolfgang Puck Presents Brand Cheeses Recalled

Charlies Brand Beef & Chicken Flavor Spring Rolls Recalled - Allergy

Interstate Brands Corporation Recalls 2 Brands of Breads - Allergy

Fruit Flavor Mini Jelly Recalled - Allergy

'Pickled Leek' Recalled  by BCN Trading - Allergy

Zataran's Brand Rice Mixes Recalled

Various Grannyís Brand Sandwiches Recalled

Greenbank Farms Organic Medium Cheddar Cheese Recalled

20 Tons of Chicken and Turkey Franks Recalled

Harris Teeter Recalls Chocolate Ice Cream - Allergy

Vacuum Packed Gingko Nut Recalled

Asian Boy (EBQ) brand Lotus Rootlet in Brine - Allergy

Bamboo Shoots Refalled for Undeclared Allergen - Allergy

AC Humko Recalls Cheddar Broccoli Rice and Sauce - Allergy

Sycamore Farms Chicken Salad Lunch Kits Recalled

Smoked Turkey Sandwiches Recalled in Five States

HC Food Co. Lotus Rootlets Recalled

Minnesota Firm Recalls 30,000 Pounds of Frozen Ground Beef Patties

California Grocery Recalls Ground Beef

Diet Strawberry Spread Recalled

Golden Lion Brand Ginger Candy Recalled

McDonald's PWE Liquid Egg Product Recalled

Alinosi Ice Cream Recalled

Wing Kee Lung Brand Soft Candy Recalled

Drugs and Medicines  Recall top
Diabetes Testing Solution Recalled

Carbamazepine Tablets Recalled

649 Various Rx and OTC Products Recalled

Homatropine Hydrobromide Ophthalmic Solution Recalled

UPDATE: Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals Recalls Promethazine Syrup Plain

Aluminum Hydroxide Gel, USP, Antacid Recalled

Tri-Nasal (Triamcinolone acetonide, USP) Nasal Spray Recalled

DesOwen(r) Cream (Desonide Cream) Recalled

Methocarbamol, USP, Recalled by Boehringer Ingelheim Chemicals, Inc.

Levsinex(tm) Capsules Recalled for Mislabeling

Glaxo Recalling Leukeran(r)

Knoll Pharmaceutical Company Recalls Certain Lots of Vicodin(r) Tablets

Leucovorin Calcium Injection Recalled

SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals Recalls Certain Lots of Augmentin

Target Non-Aspirin Pain Reliever Tablets Recalled by Lenier Health Products

Nitroglycerin Sublingual Tablets Recalled for Contamination

Cephradine Capsules Recalled by Teva Pharmaceuticals

Packaging Problems Prompt Wyeth to Recall Three Products

Aventis Recalls Certain Lots of Synercid(r) I.V.

Etoposide Injection Recalled

Butyl-P-Aminobenzoate Injection Recall

Sodium Bicarbonate Injection Recalled

Sterile Powder Used by Hospitals Recalled

Auto and Equipment  Recall top
Volkswagen Recalls Certain 2000-2001 Golf Model Vehicles

Tires Used On 1998-99 Lincoln Navigators Recalled

Recall top