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February 2000 Press Releases

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Product Recalls
Food Recalls
Vitamins and Supplements
Drugs and Medicine
Auto and Equipment

Products Recall top
Champion Brand Tools 6-outlet Power Strips Recalled

Dynacraft Recalls Vertical XL2" Mountain Bikes Sold at Target

Sony Recalls Two Infolithium Battery Pack Models

320 Fires, 3 Deaths and $1.2 Million in Damage Spark Cadet and Encore Brand In-Wall Heaters Recall

360,000 Pairs of Tommy Hilfiger Socks for Infants and Children Recalled

TSI Prime Inc. Recalls Ceiling Lights

Nordstrom Recalls Infant and Toddler Jackets

New Cole Sewell Corp. Recalls 23,000 Storm Doors

Turnabout Infant Child Restraints and  Explorer Mate All-Terrain Stroller/Turnabout Car Seat Recalled by  Cosco

"Touriva Convertible Safe-T- Shield" Child Restraints Recalled by  Cosco

Arriva Infant Child Restraints Recalled by  Cosco

Inchworm, Cow and Elephant Pull Toys Recalled by  Manhattan Group LLC

Action Performance Collectible Race Car Panels Recalled for Fire Hazard

Recalled "Fire Cap" Extinguishers May Intensify Fires

Novelty Lighters from Prometheus International Recalled

Thornwood Furniture Recalls Oak Toy Chests

Shopko Stores Inc. Recalls Peek-A-Babe Baby Garments

HANRO USA Inc Offers $50 Gift Certificate for Return of Recalled Ladies Robes

Eddie Bauer Recalls Men's Long-Sleeved, Fleece Sweatshirts

Reports of Fires Prompt Briggs & Stratton Corp to Recall Fuel Filters

Xerox Corporation Recalls LJ4000 Replacement Toner Cartridge

Food Items  Recall top
Seneca Foods Corp Recalls Cut Green Beans

"Campbell’s Healthy Request Vegetable Beef Condensed Soup" Recalled

Weinbergers Nova Lox Salad Recalled for Contamination

Gold Kist Inc. Recalls 114,000 Pounds of Chicken Nuggets and Patties Produced for School Lunch Program

Jewel Bake Shop 12-Count Mini Danish Rolls Recalled for Undeclared Peanuts and Other Allergens - Food Allergy

Wagner's Assorted Milk Chocolates Recalled - Food Allergy

DB Foods, Inc. Recalls Contaminated Bulk Pasteurized Whole Egg Products

El Charrito Brand "Naranja Agria/Bitter Orange" Sauce Recalled

Coca Cola Bottling Recalls Fresca Soda Pop

Some H-E-B Food and Drug Stores Recall Turkey Spread for Listeria

Callaway Packing Recalls Contaminated Ground Beef Sent to Restaurants and State Facility in Colorado

Waymouth Farms, Inc. Recalls Good Sense Caribbean Honey! Snack Mix - Food Allergy

Advance Food Co. 211,000 Pounds of Cubed Beef Steak Fritters for Undeclared Allergens - Food Allergy

Golden Taste, Inc. Recalls Additional White Fish Salad for Listeria

Georgia Food Inspectors Urge Return of Decorated Cakes Bought at Publix Store

E.A. Sween Company Recalls Contaminated Deli Express Ham & Swiss on Rye Sandwiches

Trident Seafoods Corp. Recalls Imitation Crabmeat Products Sold Under Multiple Brands

Tai Wing Hong Importer, Inc. Recalls Keo Chuoi brand Sweet Banana Candy - Food Allergy

Daisy's Bakery, Inc. Recalls Gourmet Banana Pound Cake - Food Allergy

Holiday Candy Corp. Recalls Mayfair Brand Trail Mix Banana for Multiple Allergens - Food Allergy

The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company Recalls Stop & Shop Chocolate Mini Cupcakes and   Iced Angel Cake for Undeclared Colors - Food Allergy

Velda Farms Recalls Lemon Flavored Drink - Food Allergy

Minute Maid Company 'Retrieves'  One Lot of Hi-C Orange Fruit Drink Boxes due to 'Sour Taste'

Golden Taste White Fish Salad and Salmon Salad Recalled

Vitamins and Supplements
Chinese Angel Health Products Recalls  Diabetes Hypoglucose Capsules and Pearl Hypoglycemic Capsules

Zhen Qi Herbal Extract Capsules and Tongyitang Diabetes Angel Hypoglycemic Capsules Recalled

SmithKline Beecham Recalls Liquid Feosol Supplement Therapy

Drugs and Medicines  Recall top
SmithKline Beecham, Consumer Health Recalls Extra Strength Panadol PM Caplets

Pharmacia & Upjohn Recall Solu-Medrol and Solu-Cortef Products

SmithKline Beecham Recalls Liquid Feosol Supplement Therapy

Geneva Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Recalls of Naproxen Tablets - New Codes Added

Geneva Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Recalls Additional Naproxen Tablets

American Pharmaceutical Partners Recall Adenoscan (r) Adenosine

Great Southern Laboratories Recalls Cyndal HD Cough Syrup

Med-Pro, Inc. Recalls Esgic-Plus Tablets

Bausch and Lomb Pharmaceuticals Recalls Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates and Hydrocortisone OTIC Solution

Auto and Equipment  Recall top
1997-1999 Kia Sportage SUVs Recalled

Recall top