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October 1997 Press Releases

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Product Recalls
Autos and Equipment

Products Recall top
Halloween Hand Candles

Nursery Monitor Batteries

Halloween Bounce Balls

In-Wall Heaters

Wipe Warmers

Latitude LM Notebook Computers and Latitude LM Port Replicators

Extension Cords

Guardian Dive Computers

Stuffed Bears

Gasoline Hedge Trimmers

Sports Blast Drink Bottles

Wooden Vehicle Toys

Children's Toy Jewelry

Envirotech Electric Fans

"Hot Pet Car"

Autos and Equipment  Recall top
BMW R1100RSL Years: 1994-1996

Dodge/Plymouth Neon Year: 1995

Dodge Dakota Truck Year: 1998

Ford F150, F250, Expedition Years: 1997-1998, Ford Navigator Year: 1998

Lincoln Continental Years: 1989-1990

Ford Windstar Years: 1995-1996

Ford Mustang Years: 1994-1996

Mercury Villager Years: 1997-1998

Ford Ranger Year: 1998

Ford F250, F350, F Super Duty Chassis Year: 1997

Chevrolet C10, C20, C15, C25 Year: 1997

Cadillac DeVille, Eldorado Year: 1998

Mitsubishi Mirage Year: 1998

Audi 80, 90, 100, 200, S4, Coupe Years: 1989- 1993

Audi Cabriolet, 90, A4, A6, A8 Years: 1995- 1997

Dexter Axle Co. D20, D28, D35 Axles

GNB Technologies Battery

Harley-Davidson half helmets: Flame, Americana, Stinger Graphics

Recall top