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September 17, 1999

Weather Alert Radio Recalled for Programming Error

KANSAS CITY, MO (SafetyAlerts) - Midland Consumer Radio confirms the announcement of its recall of the initial shipments of its newest model weather radio, Midland Model 74-200, due to a programming error.

The recall, initially issued at the end of August has, to date, affected less than 9,000 units of this model which have been distributed nationally. More than 50% of these units were sold governmental units. The actual number of radios in the hands of the general public is not yet known, but it is expected to be very few since the error was caught early in the distribution cycle.

It should be noted that the error only affects the model 74-200, which has not yet been widely distributed. There is no problem with any other Midland weather radio. Anyone who purchased a Midland Model 74-200 with serial numbers starting with 904 or 905 may return it to the place of purchase, or send the radio directly to Midland Consumer Radio. Contact Midland at for shipping instructions. A new Model 74-200 with corrected programming will be shipped back within approximately two weeks.

Midland regrets the necessity of this action. Fortunately, thanks to the early detection of the error before mass distribution, few people will be inconvenienced by the recall.

Special Thanks to one of our subscibers who advised us of this recall.

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