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June 18, 1999
Sunbeam Customer Service
(800) 641-2100

Sunbeam Recalls '97-'98 Model Gas Grills for Possible Fire Hazard

DETROIT (STN - Sunbeam Corporation announced today that it is recalling some of its 1997 and 1998 Grillmaster gas grills with side burners, due to a possible fire hazard.

Only the Grillmaster grills with side burners are effected by this recall. The gas line on the side burners of these grills are to close to the burner which can melt the gas line creating a possible fire/explosion hazard.

Consumers who may have one of these grills should not use the side burner and call the Sunbeam Customer service center at 1-800-641-2100 to obtain a replacement part. Consumers should have the model number of their grill available for quick handling and to ensure the proper replacement part is sent.

The Sunbeam Customer Service Department has stated that not all Grillmaster grills are affected by the recall.  Only some of the models with a side burner are effected.
If your grill is effected by the recall, Sunbeam will send out a replacement kit which should reach consumers in approximately 10 working days.



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