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October 23, 1997

Cadet Manufacturing Recalls Wall Heaters

Cadet Manufacturing Recalls Wall HeatersVancouver, WA (SafetyAlerts) -  In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Cadet Manufacturing Company of Vancouver, Wash., is recalling about 190,000 electric in-wall heaters. Limit switches within these heaters can emit sparks, presenting a fire hazard.

Cadet Manufacturing has received 44 reports of fires involving these heaters. Most of these reports resulted in fires that self-extinguished. However, Cadet has received two reports of fires causing considerable property damage. No injuries have been reported from these fires. CPSC has received a 45th report of two deaths from a fire involving a Cadet heater where a sofa was nearby. The cause of the ignition of the sofa remains under investigation.

The heaters involved in this recall may have the Cadet or Encore brand name on the heater's grill. The heaters involved in this recall must have the following: 1) a model number beginning with FX, FW, LX or ZA followed by three numbers on a label on the front of the internal heater assembly; 2) a limit switch made of black plastic casings on the heater assembly. These casings look like small black discs and have wires attached. Only heaters with black plastic limit switches are included in the recall. Some models will have a single limit switch and others will have two limit switches. Before checking the markings on the heater assembly, consumers will need to remove the heater's grill and the screw at the top of the heater assembly. Before doing this, consumers must disconnect the power supply to the heater or fuse box.

These heaters have been install ed in homes from 1985 through 1992 in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Fewer than one percent were distributed nationwide under the name Encore through the following retailers: Menards, Home Base, Builders Square, Ace Hardware and Fred Meyer for about $100 to $200.

Consumers should stop using these heaters immediately and call Cadet at (800) 567-2613 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PDT to arrange for a local service technician to replace the limit switch or switches free of charge.

Heaters with white ceramic switch casings are not included in this recall.

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