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June 1, 1994
Release # 94-087

World Import Ltd. Recalls Tubular Metal Bunk Beds

PRODUCT: Approximately 930 C-shaped tubular metal frame bunkbeds distributed to stores in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware by World Imports Ltd. from August 1992 through October 1993. The beds are models 02-2332 (red), 02-2343 (white), 02-2354 (blue), and 02-2365 (black). The bed uses a twin-size mattress on the top and a full-size mattress on the bottom. The beds have "C" shaped headboard and footboard frames. World Imports' other beds are not a part of this recall.

PROBLEM: These "C" beds may unexpectedly collapse. People in the beds could be injured by the falling upper bunk. CPSC is investigating the collapse of similar beds imported, manufactured or sold by others.

WHAT TO DO: Stop using the bed. Call World Imports Ltd. toll-free number at 800-486-4710 weekdays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm (Eastern time) for a free corner kit designed to reinforce the bed and prevent collapse.

WASHINGTON, DC - World Imports Ltd., Philadelphia,Pennsylvania, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer ProductSafety Commission (CPSC), is voluntarily providing free cornerkits to reinforce approximately 930 of their twin/full-size C-shaped children's bunkbeds. The beds were distributed to storesin New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware from August1992 through October 1993. The models needing the free cornerkits are: 02-2332 (red), 02-2343 (white), 02-2354 (blue), and02-2365 (black). The beds use twin-size mattresses on the topbunks and full-size mattresses on the bottoms. They have "C" shaped headboard and footboard frames. No other World ImportsLtd. beds need the free corner kit.

The beds needing the corner kit can be identified by thefollowing:

  • the head and foot end frames are designed in a "C" shape,
  • there is a partial guard rail on each long side of the upper bunk,
  • the upper bunk on the beds could fall unexpectedly after squeaking or creaking,
  • a gold "Warning" label is located on the top of the C- shaped end frame at the head or foot of the top bed.

World Imports Ltd. has received approximately 35 reports of their"C" beds collapsing with no reported injuries.

Any consumer who has one of these beds should immediatelystop using the bed. Then call World Imports Ltd. toll-freenumber at 800-486-4710, weekdays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm(Eastern time). World Imports Ltd. will provide consumers freecorner kits that consumers can install designed to reinforce thebed and prevent collapse.

The CPSC is continuing to investigate importers,manufacturers, and retailers of metal bunk beds that may presenta similar risk of collapsing. To date, firms have received over500 complaints of defective bunk beds industry-wide. CPSC urgesconsumers to inspect all eight mattress support corners of allmetal bunk beds for breaks or cracks in the paint and metalaround the welds. Consumers should stop using damaged bunkbedsand contact the retailer, manufacturer, or importer. To assistCPSC in its investigation, consumers are urged to call the CPSCtoll-free hotline weekdays at (800) 638-2772 to report incidentsor injuries involving metal bunk beds. A teletypewriter for thehearing or speech impaired is available at 800-638-8270.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission protects the public from the unreasonable risk of injury or death from 15,000 types of consumer products under the agency's jurisdiction. To report a dangerous product or a product-related injury and for information on CPSC's fax-on-demand service, call CPSC's hotline at (800) 638-2772 or CPSC's teletypewriter at (800) 638-8270. To order a press release through fax-on-demand, call (301) 504-0051 from the handset of your fax machine and enter the release number. Consumers can report product hazards to