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May 13,  2002


(SafetyAlerts) - ConAgra Beef is the first major beef processing company to adopt an innovative Thermal Organic Rinse process that significantly improves control of pathogens during beef processing, according to a news release.
The Thermal Organic Rinse (TOR) has been documented by independent university researchers as providing bacteria reduction of 99.99999 percent when used as part of the company's "multiple hurdle" intervention system, the company said.
Researchers at Colorado State University found that when TOR is used as a replacement for a cold organic acid rinse -- both as a pre-evisceration application and as a final rinse -- the process creates a one log (or 90 percent) improvement in effectiveness over the industry's previous standard of 99.9999 percent bacterial reduction.
An April 2001 report issued by Colorado State researchers stated that the TOR system of organic acid heated to 131 degrees Fahrenheit provides the most effective documented anti-microbial performance.
"This magnitude of improvement in bacteria control is a remarkable achievement," said Warren Mirtsching, ConAgra Beef vice president of food safety. "TOR gives customers and consumers one more shield against potential contamination [with] E. coli O157:H7, listeria, salmonella or campylobacter." Mirtsching said ConAgra Beef management views the development of TOR as part of the company's ongoing commitment to seek new ways to enhance meat safety.
"We take many steps to ensure food safety," he said. "We are focused on providing the safest, most wholesome products possible and encouraging those who subsequently handle the products to follow safe food-handling and preparation practices."

Source: Dan Murphy

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