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Powerstrips/Surge Protectors
Extension Cords
Computer Related

Lights   Recall top
Galls Has Recalled Batteries Sold with Galls® H.A.L.O. Tactical Flashlights -  September 25
Homier Distributing Has Recalled Extension Cords, Portable Lights, and Fluorescent Work Lights -  June 19
Trisonic Has Recalled Nightlights -  June 5
Sea Gull Lighting Has Recalled Ceiling Light Fixtures-  May 22
Wal-Mart Has Recalled Fabric Lanterns -  May 8
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® Has Recalled Motion Lamps    Dec 20
Halo Burger Has Recalled Flashlights and Batteries Sold in Kids Meals  Nov 15
Eveready Battery Co. Inc. Has Recalled Kidz Club Flashlights  Nov 12
Carlisle Has Recalled Snake Lights  Oct   31
Luxo Has Recalled Portable Fluorescent Lamps    June 4
Intermatic Has Recalled Nightlights
Flora-Lite Has Recalled Christmas Light Sets
Homemaster Has Recalled Outdoor Lighting Timers
NBG International Has Recalled Christmas Lights

Winstar Has Recalled Christmas Light Sets
Progress Lighting Recalls Fluorescent Lights
Emess Lighting Inc. and SLI Lighting Solutions Inc. Recall Twister Portable Lamps

Hallmark Creations Recalls Tea Light Lamps
Dura Kleen (USA) Inc. Recalls Nightlights
Lamps Recalled by Environmental Lighting Concepts
Rope Lights Recalled by California Firm
Christmas Lights Recalled by GEM Stores
Sun Sun Industries Recalls Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights Recalled by New York Firm
Costco Recalls Decorative Rope Light Sets
Cooper Lighting Recalls Recessed Lights
The Howard Berger Co. Recalls Power Strips and Extension Cords
123,000 "Elmo Nitelights" Recalled
Little Ones Fun Accent Lamps for Kids by Kmart
TSI Prime Inc. Recalls Ceiling Lights

Rich Pacific Christmas Icicle Lights and String-a-lights
Jingle Bell Miniature Christmas & Icicle Lights
Perfecto Recalls "SHOlights" for Aquariums
Buffalo Fluorescent Work Lights Recalled
Wilmar Corp. & Foremost Tool Co. Work Lights
Harbor Freight Tools Recalls Work Lights
GE Home Electric Undercabinet Fluorescent Light Fixtures
Primerica Enterprise Announce Recall of Trouble Lights
Big Roc Tools Inc., of Ontario, Calif. Trouble Lights
Yang Lin Trading, Wholesale World Christmas Lights
Star Bros. Inc. and Almacenes Pitusa Inc. Christmas Lights
Nutone Ceiling Exhaust Fan and Light Units
Importers, Retailers Christmas Lights
Curtain-Style Holiday Lights
Industry to Improve Safety of Halogen Torchiere Floor Lamps
Kmart Corp. Table Lamps
Bayco Products Work Light Recall
In-Mar Trading Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights
Tensor Corp. to Replace 500-Watt Halogen Bulbs
Quality Craft Portable Halogen Work Lights
Atlas Electric Corp. Portable Halogen Work Light
Winner Products Inc. Emergency Light
Hills Department Stores Wooden Childrens Lamp
Fay's Drug Store Christmas Lights
Tech Mart Christmas Lights
Hills Department Stores Wooden Childrens Lamp
Gilbert Manufacturing Co Christmas and Seasonal Light Sets
Designers Edge, Inc. "Mighty Lite" Halogen Clamp Light
Kmart Corporation "Candoliers" Holiday Candle Lights
Kmart Corporation Holiday Candle Lights
Builders Square Wall Bracket Lights and Pay-N-Pak Deck Lite Fixtures
Sears Garage Door Opener Plug-In Light Controls
Gampak Products Portable Outdoor Flood Light
Kobitz Holiday Brass Candle Lamps
Sundown Brand Pumpkin Scented Lamps/Jack-O-Lantern Votive Light
Toro and Lunalite Brand Outdoor Lighting System
Further Recall Luxxtra Metal Halide Lighting Fixtures
The Coaster Company of America Brass Floor Lamps
Toyo Industrial, string-string" Miniature Christmas Lights

Powerstrips/Surge Protectors  Recall top
Comarco Has Recalled Detachable Plugs On Power Adapters - Mar 21
American Power Conversion Has Recalled Back-Up Power Supply Systems   Jan  15
Fluke Corp. Has Recalled Digital Multimeters    Aug  19

Champion Brand Tools 6-outlet Power Strips Recalled
Eskay Imports, Memo Six-Outlet Power Strip
Kingsland Tools Inc., Surge Protectors
First Choice Products Power Strip Surge Protectors
Okura USA Inc. Extension Cords/Surge Protectors
Electronic Resources Ltd. Surge Protectors
MBR Industries Inc. Surge Protectors
Howard Berger Inc. Surge Protectors
Chandur Hasso Inc. Extension Cords and Power Strips
Eastern America Trio Products Inc. Trisonic Extension Cords and Surge Protectors
Supreme Premium Products Inc. Surge Protectors
Price Master Corp. Surge Protectors
Consolidated Stores Corp. Power Strip
Square D Surge Arrester

Extension Cords   Recall top
Homier Distributing Has Recalled Extension Cords, Portable Lights, and Fluorescent Work Lights -  June 19
United General Supply Has Recalled Extension Cords -  May 22
STK International Has Recalled Extension Cords   July 30
PM International Has Recalled Replace International Adapter Plugs    July  2
E-filliate Has Recalled Extension Cords  May 16
Hewlett-Packard and Longwell Electronics Have Recalled Power Cords

Woods Industries Recalls Extension Cords and Reels
Sony PlayStation Game Console Power Cords
ACDelco Extension Cord Reels

Raport Inc. Extension Cords
Big Roc Tools Inc., Outdoor Extension Cords
Wellmax International Inc. Extension Cords
Tools Exchange Inc.outdoor extension cords
Morton Paper Co. extension cords.
Okura USA Inc. Extension Cords and Surge Protectors
1) In-Mar Trading Inc.Extension Cords
2) In-Mar Trading Inc.Extension Cords
General Cable Corp. Extension Cords
Chandur Hasso Inc. Extension Cords and Surge Protectors
Eastern America Trio Products Inc. Trisonic Extension Cords and Surge Protectors
Division Sales Inc. Extension Cord
D-M Sales Corp. Extension Cord
Northeastern Plastics Extension Cord
Sprint International, Inc. Extension Cord
USA Maxam Inc. Extension Cords
Columbia Wire & Cable Corporation Ground Fault Interrupter Extension Cords

Audio/Visual  Recall top
Russound Has Recalled Audio Video Controller/Amplifiers -  October 29
Technuity Has Recalled Back-Up Power Supply Systems -  October 2
Sony Electronics Has Recalled Certain VAIO Notebook Computers -  September 25
OnQ Technologies Has Recalled Telephone Line-Sharing Devices -  September 10
Pioneer Entertainment Has Recalled Pioneer Car Amplifier -  September 3
Toshiba Has Recalled Rear Projection Televisions -  July 15
Thomson Has Recalled Home Entertainment Amplifiers - Apr 17
IBM Has Recalled Computer Monitors - Mar 04
Zenith Has Recalled Large-Screen, Analog Projection Televisions - Jan 30
Madrigal Has Recalled Subwoofers    Dec 26
Nikon Has Recalled Coolpix 2000-Model Digital Cameras    Sep 19
Eastman Kodak Has Recalled DC5000-Model Digital Cameras  Sep   9
Motorola Has Recalled Digital Cable Set-Top Boxes  Aug   8
Philips Electronics Has Recalled Speaker Power Adapters Sold with HP Computers  May 16

Reports of Smoking and Melting Prompt Arcadia Electronic Skeet Shoot Game Recall
Sony Recalls Two Infolithium Battery Pack Models

Midland Model 74-200 Weather Alert Radio
Polk Audio Stereo Speakers
Thomson Consumer Electronics Recalls GE Brand Spacemaker Radio Cassette Players
Philips Consumer Electronics Home Audio Theatre Systems
Nikon Inc. Underwater Flash Units
AIWA America Mini Audio Systems
Comet World, Inc. Photographer's Power Pack
Cambridge SoundWorks Loudspeaker
3M Overhead Projector Recalls
Nutone Stereo Cassette Player
Grandetel Technologies, Inc. TV Sets
Kodak Recalls AC Adapters For Digital Cameras
Mitsubishi Electronics SS-2100, SS-3100 Stereo Speakers

Computer Related   Recall top
Recall Update: IBM and LiteOn Technology Computer Monitor Recall Expansion -  August 28
American Power Conversion Has Recalled Back-Up Power Supply Systems   Jan  15
Brother International Has Recalled Laser Printers  Oct  22

Computer Distributors Announce Recall of Batteries for Notebook Computers
Compaq Computer Recalls AC Adapters and Power Cords

Apple Recalls AC Adapter for Prior Generation PowerBook Laptops
Dell Recalls 284,000 Notebook Batteries
Compaq Computer Recalls Notebook Computer Battery Packs
Dell Recalls Laptop Batteries
IBM Recalls Notebook Power Adapters
Certain Intel Memory Chips may Cause System Hangs or Reboots
Xerox Corp. Recalls LJ4000 Replacement Toner Cartridge

Cisco Systems WS-X5012 10BT Desktop Switched Ethernet Cards
Western Digital Recalls Certain Caviar Model Hard Drives
Iomega Corp. Announce recall of Power Supply Units for External Jaz Disk Drives
Dell AC Adapters for Latitude LM Notebook Computers and Latitude LM Port Replicators
Digital Equipment Corp.AC Adapters for Notebook Computers
Compaq Computer AC Adapters for Armada 4100 Notebook Computers
Visioneer, Inc. Software and Hardware Correction Program for Computer Scanners
Kingston Technology Kingston DIMM Module for IBM ThinkPads
Texas Instruments Battery charger Travelmate 4000M Notebook Computers
Matsushita Electric Corp. Panasonic Computer Printer
IBM AIR 9527 Series Color  Monitor
Hewlett - Packard Officejet Printer-Fax-Copiers
IBM Thinkpad  AC Adapters
Dell Computer Monitors
NEC Technologies Inc. Laptop Computers
Zenith Data Systems Monochrome Computer Monitors

Other  Recall top
Firm Has Recalled Voltage Testers -  July 31
Franzus Company Has Recalled International Adapter Plugs -  July 2
Perfect Fit Has Recalled Electric Blankets -  July 2
WestPoint Stevens Has Recalled Electric Blankets - Apr 24
Brooklyn Lollipop Has Recalled Electric Fans   Dec 26
Viking Sewing Machines Has Recalled Sewing Machines  Oct  8
Thrifty Paper Has Recalled Electric Fans  Oct  8
Greenlee Textron Has Recalled Electrical Testing Meters   Aug 1
Vector Has Recalled Power Inverters with GFCI Outlets

Biddeford Textile Recalls 394,000 electric blankets 
Ryobi Technologies Recalls Circular Saws

American Tack & Hardware Co. Recalls On/Off Switches for Rope and Cable Lights
Light Tech Recalls On/Off Switches for Rope and Cable Lights
DEWALT® Recalls 1.7 Million Battery Chargers
Kole Imports Recalls Circuit Testers
AC Adapters Recalled by Agfa Corporation
DeWALT® Recalls 825,000 Battery Chargers
Weather Radios Recalled by Oregon Scientific
Weather Alert Radio Recalled for Programming Error
Coast Electronics Supply Recalls Volt Converter
The Fluke Corp. Model T-2 Electrical Voltage Testers

Sony PlayStation Game Console Power Cords
Midland Weather Radio Recall (Re-Post)
Square D Co. Announce Recall of Electric Meter

Woods Industries Inc Voltage Tester
Siemens GFCI Circuit Breakers Used with Hot Tubs and Spas
General Electric Co. Outlet Converters
Chandur Hasso Inc. Foreign Travel Electric Converters
Envirotech Electric Fans
Power Cord & Cable Corp. Outlet Converters
Dollar Tree Stores Inc. Adapter Plug Packs
Dewalt One-Hour Battery Chargers
Anam Industrial Co. Light Switch
Bandwagon Inc. Remote Control Switch
Mascot Electronic A.S. Cellular Phone Charger
Hunter Fan Company Remote Controls
Coleman Nightsight PowerStation II Rechargeable Battery Pack
Woods Wire Products Remote Control Receivers
"On-Wall" Electrical Switchplate/Outlet Covers

The information contained herein has been obtained from sources that the Company believes to be reliable, however, the Company has not independently verified or confirmed the information and the recipient acknowledges that no representations or warranties are being made in connection with the use of the information.