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Currently we only database AUTO recalls which were issued during 1998 or later.  If you have a question regarding an older vehichle you should visit the NHTSA web site here.

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Daewoo Motor Co.





Daewoo Motor Co.  Recall top
Daewoo PUERTO RICO Has Recalled the 2000 Nubria  Oct 1

Daewoo Has Recalled the 2000 Nubria  Oct 1

Daewoo Motors Has Recalled The 1998 Daewoo Lanos   May 21

1998-2001 Daewoo Leganza Recalled

2000-2001 Daewoo Lanos Recalled

1998-2000 Daewoo Lanos Recalled

Daewoo Lanos Years: 1998-1999

Daewoo Lanos Years: 1998-1999

Ducati  Recall top
Ducati Has Recalled the 2001 Ducati

Ducati Motorcycles Recalled

1998 Ducati ST2 Recall

Ducati M900, M750 Years: 1997-1998

Ducati ST2, 748, 916, 916SPS Year: 1998

Ducati M900 Year: 1996

Ducati M900 Year: 1998

Ducati 900FE Years: 1998

Ducati 916 Years: 1994-1995

Ducati 900SL Years: 1993, Ducati 900SSSP Years: 1994-1997

Ducati 916 Years: 1994-1995

Europa International  Recall top
1992-2001 Europa Gelaendewagen Recalled

Excelsior-Henderson  Recall top
Excelsior-Henderson Super X's Recalled

Ferrari  Recall top
Ferrari North America Has Recalled Cars -  June 27

Ferrari Has Recalled the 1995 512M, 1991-1995 512TR and Testarossa 1987-1991 -  May 16

Ferrari Has Recalled the 2001 360 Modena and 360 Spider

Ferrari Recalls 550 Maranello

1999 Ferrari 360 Modena and 360 Modena F1 Recalled

1999 Ferrari F355 and F355 F1 Automobiles Recalled

1999 Ferrari 360 Modena and 360 Modena F1 Automobiles Recalled

Ferrari GT and GTA (Heater Hose)Years: 1995-1998

Ferrari GT and GTA Years: 1995-1998

Ferrari 550 Maranello Years: 1997-1998

Ferrari 348 Years: 1994-1995

Ferrari 550 Years: 1997-1999

Ferrari F355 Year: 1998

Ferrari F355 Year:1998

Ferrari F355 Year:1995

Ferrari F355 Years: 1995 - 1997

Ferrari F355 Years: 1997 - 1998

Ferrari F550 Year:1997

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