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9000 people a year in the U.S. die from contaminated food.   81 million more are sickened.
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Recall Categories

Click on a link to find information about each particular category, and for a link to related recalls.  Click here to go back to the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Appliances - Autos - Child Car Seats - Child & Infant Products - Clothing - Cosmetics/Hygiene - Electronics - Food - Food Allergy - Furniture - Household items - Medicine - Outdoor items - Sports - Toys - Vitamins

Appliances - This category covers many of the appliances we use in our homes every day.   Products like:
Kitchen Appliances, Other Large Appliances, Furnaces, Fireplace, Heaters, Small Appliances, Tools and other appliances.  Recall top

Autos - SafetyAlerts currently hosts auto recall information  issued in 1998 or later.   The recalls are separated by the manufacturer.  For recalls that may have been issued prior to 1998 send mail to our research department with the year, make and model and we will be happy to look them up for you.   Recall top

Child Car Seats - SafetyAlerts offers the most comprehensive listing of infant car seats and booster seat recalls available.  The list is separated by manufacturer.  Recall top

Child and Infant Products - In this category you will find products (other than toys) used by infants and young children.  Items such as Baby Food, Car Seats, Clothing, Safety Items, Beds, Cribs, Play Yards, Infant Swings/Stationary Entertainers, High Chairs, Furniture, Strollers and Child/Infant Carriers, Pacifiers, and many others.  Recall top

Clothing - This category covers recalls for adult clothing.  Shoes, Jackets, Pants, Scarves... For children's clothing go to Child and Infant Products  Recall top

Cosmetics/Hygiene - This category contains recalls on Cosmetics, Soaps, Sunblock, Toothpaste...  Recall top

Electronics - This category covers electronic products (other than appliances) that have been recalled.  Items such as:
Lights, Powerstrips/Surge Protectors, Extension Cords, Audio and Visual Products, Computer Related Products and many others.   Recall top

Food - This category covers foods that have been recalled for contaminants such as Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli, glass and metal particles...  Here is a list of the types of foods covered:
Baby Food, Meats, Poultry, Seafood, Fruits, Vegetables, Salads, Dressing, Candy, Desserts, Snacks, Chips, Crackers, Beverages, Dairy and other foods.  Recall top

Food Allergy - This category covers foods that have been recalled due to undeclared substances that may cause allergic reactions in people with a sensitivity to the product.   Covered are allergens such as:
Nuts, Sulfites, Dairy, Eggs, Wheat, Soy, Color Additives and many others  Recall top

Furniture - You can find recalls on all sorts of in-home furniture items (other than children's furniture).  Chairs, Couches, T.V. Stands...  Recall top

Household items - Miscellaneous items that you use in your home can be found in this category.   Kitchenware, Candles, Cleaners and Cleaning Items, Carbon Monoxide detectors, Smoke, Heat and Fire Safety Items, Lighters and so on.   Recall top

Medicine - This is a list of Drugs and Medicines that have been recalled.  It is a long list and it might be easier for you to use our search engine to find what you need in this category.  Recall top

Outdoor items - This category contains those products primarily used out of doors.  Grills & Smokers, Spas, Hot Tubs, and Swimming Pool Items, Lawn & Garden, Go-karts,  ATVs, Snowmobiles and other items use outside the home.  Recall top

Sports and Fitness Products - Bicycles, Exercise Equipment, Scuba Equipment can all be found under this category.  Recall top

Toys - Here you can find recalls on the toys that your children  play with.   Balls, Games, Dolls, Trucks...  Recall top

Vitamins - This category has recalls on Vitamin and Dietary Supplements.  Recall top

If you are still not sure where to look or can't find a recall? SafetyAlerts will be happy to help.  Just send an email with the product name and manufacturer (if known) to  Recall top

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