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August 15,  2002

Stay Ahead of the Class with Back-to-School Ideas

(SafetyAlerts) - Whether buying new school supplies, meeting new teachers or selecting the perfect first-day-at-school outfit, students and parents experience both excitement and stress during the back-to-school rush.

Backpack Safety

Learn tips for properly selecting and wearing a backpack, including:
* Picking one that is appropriately sized for the student's body,
* Loading the heaviest items first,
* Limiting the maximum weight of a loaded backpack to no more than 15 percent of the student's weight, and
* Keeping the backpack free of key chains or other dangling cords that could become tangled and result in injury.

Parenting: Reducing Back-to-School Stress

* Parents can read up on ideas for reducing back-to-school stress, such
* Addressing your children's concerns and starting a routine before school starts,
* Giving your younger children two weeks before the first day of school to readjust to their new bedtime,
* Reviewing the car pool/bus schedule, and
* Asking your children to pack their backpacks and lay out their clothes the night before the big day.

Enlighten Me: Read. Learn. Explore.

You can help children prepare their minds for school by clicking on the link to Enlighten Me: Read, Learn, and Explore,'s literacy and education site. Enlighten Me stimulates intellectual exploration with challenging online activities that make learning fun. The site also provides parents, caregivers and teachers a robust educational resource that promotes the value of reading and creative learning. Children can play the original and interactive Peeknik Mysteries, a fun game that encourages SuperThinking skills such as logic, problem solving and imagination.

Tips for Teens

Teenagers will find valuable back-to-school suggestions, such as wearing their favorite clothes from last spring -- instead of the new ones -- on the first day of school because they will be less nervous if they're wearing clothes that look good and feel comfortable.

In addition to back-to-school tips, allows visitors to search for local stores that sell school supplies and provides links to Web sites that help students with homework. For more back-to-school ideas, visit and click on the "Back-to-School" link, found under "What's New."


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