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Winter Driving Safety Tips

Before you leave home, be prepared:

Are you wearing clothing that is warm enough for weather conditions?  A jacket, gloves, hat, and boots are essential on a winter day.  A spare blanket in your car would be welcome in case you get stuck.

Do you have winter gear in your vehicle?  An ice scraper and snow brush for uncovering your car, and a shovel might be needed for digging out of snow banks.

Is your vehicle ready for winter?

  • How's the tread on your vehicles' tires?
  • Is there the recommended amount of antifreeze in the radiator?
  • Is the windshield washer reservoir full?
  • Will the heater and defroster clear icy and fogged windows?
  • And do you have enough gas just in case you get stuck in slow moving traffic for a while?

Before taking off make sure each passenger is properly buckled up - either in a seat belt or a size-appropriate child restraint.

Do you really need to go out?  If so, take your serenity and patience with you.

The best advice for driving during snowy and icy conditions is  USE CAUTION!!

Warm up the car so the defroster has a chance to clear the windows.  Clear ice and snow from your vehicle (including the roof) for improved visibility and for the safety of motorists sharing the road with you.

Match your speed to the road conditions.  Don't try to pass or weave in and out of traffic.

Leave plenty of room between your vehicle and the one ahead of you.  Pay attention to what other drivers are doing.  You can't stop quickly on snowy and/or icy roads.

There is difference in the way that regular brakes and ABS brakes need to be used and the way they work. Please familiarize yourself with the braking systems of the vehicles you drive BEFORE you need to try to make a quick stop.

Remember that bridges and ramps freeze before road surfaces.

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