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New National Emergency Hotline Assessed; CPSC Joins in Launching Poison Prevention Week to Stop 30 Deaths Each Year

Poisonous Playgrounds? Arsenic-Laced Wood Prompts Concerns

Half of Women with PCOS - Disorder That Can Cause Infertility, Weight Gain, Diabetes & More - Unaware They Have It or Getting Wrong Treatment

NICHD Scientists Develop Vaccine Against Deadly Hospital-Acquired Infection

Prostate Cancer Imaging Agent Helps to Detect Recurrence and Spread of Prostate Cancer Earlier, says Cytogen Corporation

High Homocysteine Levels May Double Risk of Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, New Report Suggests

American Academy of Dermatology: Think the Sun Is Less Dangerous in Winter Than in Summer? Think Again!

Beware of Risks to Young Hearts During American Heart Month, Says Atlantic Children's Medical Center

Film Ignores Real Transplant Issue

Anthrax matches Army spores

ASPCA Responds to Recent Announcement Made By Nylabone Products


AMA Bioterrorism Conference


CDC Update: Connecticut Anthrax Case and Totals for all Cases

American Kidney Fund Cautions Against Unwarranted Use of Cipro

Bio-terrorism Series: Botulinum Toxin as a Biological Weapon

Anthrax Update: 2nd CDC Telebriefing Transcript


A Reassessment of the Possible Extent of the UK vCJD Epidemic

Xenon Asserts Anthrax Bacteria Can Be Killed with SteriPulse  One Second UV Pulses

Anthrax Update: CDC Telebriefing Transcript

Infectious Disease Experts to Discuss Bioterrorism

Annual Scientific Assembly Addresses Disaster Management and Preparation For Biological, Chemical Terrorism

Bio-terrorism Series: The Plague as a Biological Weapon


West Nile Virus Possibly Found in North Carolina

Bio-terrorism Series: Smallpox as a Biological Weapon

Anthrax Update for October 10, 2001 #2

Anthrax Update for October 10, 2001  #1

Florida Anthrax Update

Bio-terrorism Series: Anthrax as a Biological Weapon

New York State Commissioner Announces Warning for Undeclared Sulfites in Maya Raisins

Vaccine Shortage Affects Normal Distribution in Oregon

Missing Radioactive Camera Poses Lethal Threat

Hazardous Mercury-Containing Necklaces From Mexico Showing Up in Northwest Schools

FDA and CFIA Warn Against Consuming Mislabeled Poisonous Plant Called Autumn Monkshood

FDA: Message for Pregnant Women and Women of Child Bearing Age Who May Become Pregnant About the Risks of Mercury in Fish

FDA Warns Consumers to Discontinue Use of Botanical Products That Contain Aristolochic Acid

NHTSA Issues Warning on Tip-Over Hazard for 15-Passenger Vans

Botched Body Piercing by Unlicensed Practitioners Can Make Young People Sick - Caution urged for Valentine Day piercings

CDC Investigating Leptospirosis Among Participants in Eco-Challenge

Texas Reports State's First St. Louis Encephalitis Case in Two Years - Spurs  Mosquitoe Warning

Potential Hepatitis A Exposure at I-75 Eatery

Lead Hazard Identified in Key Chains Distributed at Colorado Rockies Game

Warning: Dangerous Mexican Folk Remedies Cited for Extremely High Levels of Lead

Pet Treats Sold at Costco may be Contaminated with Salmonella

North Carolina Health Department Warns Rubella On the Rise - 'German Measles' extremely dangerous for pregnant women

Computer Virus Alert - The "LoveLetter" or "LoveBug" Virus is Causing Worldwide Problems

Agreement Reached to keep Tacoma Hospital Open

State Health Department Shuts Down Tacoma Hospital - Serious violations may put patients at risk

Six Cases of Hepatitis A Linked to Restaurant in Little Canada, MN

Urgent Warning to Hospitals and Hemodialysis Units - TriCitrasol May Cause Death

4 States Issue Warning for Mercury in Atlantic Mackerel

Consumer Alert - Prescription Drugs Found in 5 Herbal Products

Rumors About Flesh Eating Bacteria in Costa Rican Bananas are False, CDC Says

Kerosene from Abbeville Georgia Quick Stop Contaminated with Gasoline - May cause an explosion or fire if used

FDA Releases Important Safety Information Concerning the Heartburn Medicine Cisapride (Propulsid)

Accutane-Exposed Pregnancies Continue to Occur - CDC says outcome can be severe birth defects

FDA Advises Health Care Professionals of Important Considerations in Treating Influenza

Health Canada Warning: Miralex Cream Contains Undeclared Steroid - Sold via direct mail and over the Internet

4 Deaths Prompt Warning of Adverse Events with WinRho* Immune Globulin Intravenous

Certain Uncle Sam's Dog Treats May Be Contaminated With Salmonella

Buncombe County Health Officials Warn Of Hepatitis Threat at La Paz Restaurant

3 People Hospitalized After Taking Dietary Supplements - Health officials renew their warnings

Worldwide Caution Urged by U.S. State Department - Terrorist Threat

California Health Director Warns of Health Risks Associated with Eating Wild Mushrooms

20 Sickened, 5 Hospitalized in Shigellosis Outbreak in Kansas

Hepatitis A Alert for Travelers and Customers of North Carolina Restaurant

Hepatitis A Outbreak in St. Louis Linked to Downtown Deli - 16 confirmed Cases Reported

Kerosene May Be Contaminated with Gasoline In Richmond Hill, GA

Dangerous Feminine Products? - FDA Dispels Internet Rumors

CPSC Warns the Smoke Detectors in About 16 Million Homes Do Not Work

CPSC Finds Hazardous Products Being Sold in 69% of Thrift Stores Visited

CFIA Issues Alert on Salmonella Tainted Pet Chews

Hunters Warned of Possible E. coli Contamination When Field Dressing

31 Reports of Hepatitis A Infection In King County, Seattle

Hepatitis A Alert for Recent Visitors to Sea World in San Diego

FDA Issues Nationwide Warning About Contaminated Pet Chews

Hepatitis A Exposure at St. Louis Hard Rock Cafe

FDA Posts Warning of Parkinson's Drug Causing Patients to Unexpectedly Sleep - Even While Driving

Public service provides first individual dose estimates for people exposed to Hanford radiation

Rubella Outbreak in Eastern Oklahoma and Western Arkansas

2 Deaths, 3 Illnesses Reported in NYC from Mosquito-Borne Infection - Other States Also Report Cases

E. coli Outbreak in Illinois Leaves 20 Hospitalized and over 280 Others Sick

California District Attorney Sues Save Mart for Allegedly Selling Expired Infant Formula and Other Products

Y2K May Adversely Affect Some GPS Navigation Units

CDC Responds to Rumors about HIV-Infected Needles

Influenza A outbreak Alaska and the Yukon Territory   (1999)

CPSC and FSIS Offer Grilling Safety Tips

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