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This site caters explicitly to safety related recall information regarding contaminated food and faulty products sold in the United States.

I am often asked why I started this site... 
I was on my way to work one morning when the radio station announced a frozen ground beef recall due to E.Coli contamination.  Later that day I called my wife to tell her.  Of course, I couldn't remember the brand or any of the specifics.  So we watched the local news that night to get some information.

They never mentioned it...

So I had to call the store to get the brand names.  The fact that the local news did not mention this at all bothered me. So I started doing some research.  I spent weeks looking - and to my astonishment I found four more food related recalls that had been issued within the previous 2 weeks - that I had never heard about at all!  During my search, I also found several other types of products that had been recalled due to safety issues.

I am not a paranoid person
But I don't particularly want to eat contaminated food if I can avoid it.   I have two boys, a 2 year old and a 6 month old.  They will probably get enough bumps and bruises without the help of a defective product. I found lots of information, but I did not find a simple, 'one place' to go for this information.

I wasn't the only one not getting the word...

I found several very sad stories during this search.  For example, in 1993 several brands of folding playpens were recalled because they were strangling infants.  The recalls were re-broadcast on several occasions and received NATIONAL MEDIA COVERAGE.  In 1998, these SAME PLAYPENS suffocated more infants.  People do not get the word.  Most people don't have time to watch TV all day.

That is why I created this site...

To give people the option of avoiding unnecessary risk, a simple choice.  To an extent I think we all feel somewhat invincible.  We all use common sense to avoid mishaps.   But these things blindside you, you don't know they're coming at all.  You sit down to eat a hot dog - you don't think about Listeria, Salmonella or E.Coli.  You give your kid a toy to play with, you don't know there is something that has been breaking off this particular toy and getting caught in kids throats. They're name brands - what could go wrong?

William A. Knegendorf
President, Worldwide Alerts



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